Filing For Bankruptcy With An Attorney

Filing for bankruptcy can seem like a final, scary option where you see your whole life crumbling down before your eyes as papers declare you as a “bankrupt” person. It might make you think that you are losing all your credibility, but that is not true. Filing for bankruptcy in fact, can help give you a fresh start in life and can be the first step in you paying off all your debts slowly. There are different kinds of bankruptcies you can file for and an attorney can help you through this. You might be thinking, “hiring a lawyer will get me into deeper debt”, but they can actually help you mitigate your losses and assist in financial planning that will allow you to slowly, but surely, pay it all off and get you back in the green. Best of all, you’ll stop getting those scary calls from your collections agency and other creditors.

Using the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy form, your attorney can help you remove debt by selling off non-secured assets. The cash you generate from those sales will be used to pay the creditors you owe money to. Filing this kind of bankruptcy is good if you want a fresh start after ridding yourself of debt.

Another alternative is the Chapter 13 bankruptcy form, this is for people who do not qualify to declare a straight bankruptcy. Your attorney can assess if this is a preferable option based on your circumstances. If you are earning a steady wage and have some assets, you may want to choose this option instead. Filing for this kind of bankruptcy allows you to negotiate the terms of your payment with your creditor. The debtor will be able to adjust circumstances to pay the loan, such as in smaller increments which he can comfortably pay off in time. This form of bankruptcy also allows the debtor to keep his assets as he is paying off his debts.

There are other forms of bankruptcy you can discuss with your attorney as the cases are unique and there may be options you would not be aware of without legal advice. A bankruptcy attorney can help you plan the steadiest way to get out of debt and negotiate the terms of your debt so that you don’t keep building up more loans which you’ll have to pay off at greater interests in the future.

Bankruptcy comes with all sorts of debt troubles but having an attorney by your side makes the transition easier. Filing for bankruptcy does not mean the end of your life, but rather a chance to get yourself back in order. Hiring an attorney allows you to stop this vicious cycle and get your life back in order. Discuss your options with them, be open, don’t be afraid to voice your financial concerns. Having an informed debt relief lawyer will also ensure that your creditors don’t try to bully you while you are paying off your debts and won’t take advantage of the situation. They can inform you of your rights and keep pesky collectors away by negotiating the terms of payment and ensuring that both parties are happy with the conditions.

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